Founded in 1986, the Basic Income European Network (BIEN) aims to serve as a link between individuals and groups committed to, or interested in, basic income, i.e. an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement, and to foster informed discussion on this topic throughout Europe. Members of BIEN include academics, students and social policy practitioners as well as people actively engaged in political, social and religious organisations.

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Welcome to Doughnut Economics, the Kate Raworth's blog on rethinking economic development in the face of planetary boundaries and extreme social inequalities. You'll find articles, videos, and interviews on building the economic toolkit we need to tackle the 21st century's social and ecological challenges.

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EPS is:
An organization of economists, other social scientists, and citizens concerned about issues of peace, conflict, war, and the world economy.
An international network of affiliates.


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Nous pensons que d'autres politiques économiques sont possibles. Entrez dans le débat citoyen avec nous.

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Economics as if people and the planet mattered. nef is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being.

Nous avons décidé d'agir. « Chacun de nous peut changer le monde. Même s’il n’a aucun pouvoir, même s’il n’a pas la moindre importance, chacun de nous peut changer le monde » écrivait Václav Havel quelques semaines après la chute du Mur de Berlin.

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity